GAS MAGIC, produces a Magnetic field that is being crossed by the Fuel breaks that Bonds between Hydrocarbon Molecules and diminishes its size; making easier mixes  with Oxygen  and Producing  a more effective and clean combustion


It is a brilliant tecnology application based on a principle  phisics-chemistry of the fluids, GAS MAGIC  is a resonance inducer that produces a powerful magnetic field, that is being  cross by the fuel,  it acts on the natural frequency of the fluid producing the phenomenon of magnetical resonance, this causes that the energetic level rises 15 time, breaking  molecules of hydrocarbons, diminishing its size, ionizing them and facilitating one better mixture with  oxygen, thus producing, a clean and effective combustion.


¿WHY GASMAGIC 2001?      

More Kilometer by each liter

It increases the power of the motor

It reduces the toxic gas transmission

Free of Maintenance


Increases Mileage up to 20%.
Works On Gas and Diesel Engines.
Easy to Install ! 
Maintenance Free.
Pays for Itself  within 60 days ! 


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