To obtain MAXIMUM SAVINGS remember to keep your engine tuned as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

After the engine is tuned up:

 1.- Find the main fuel line, place the two halves of the Gas Saver, one on each side and hold them with the plastic strap furnished.

 2.- The fuel line can be rubber, aluminum or copper.

 3.- If the vehicle has a carburetor, the Gas Saver must be installed at the carburetor inlet.

 4.- If the vehicle has fuel-injection, the Gas Saver must be installed at the gas pump.

 Save up to 20% to 40% money and fuel.

 10-year warranty.

 Free Installation at Authorized Shops

Designed to be used with all types of gasoline or diesel engines for automobiles, buses, trucks, boats and others, either with a carburetor or direct fuel injection.

 A brilliant technical application based on a physical and chemical principle of fluids.

Gasmagic 3010 is a Resonance Inductor that produces a powerful magnetic field which, when crossed by fuel, acts on the natural frequency of the fluid, thus producing the phenomenon of Magnetic Resonance; this causes the energy level to increase 15 fold and the bonds between the hydrocarbon molecules to break, thus decreasing their size, ionizing them and making their mixing with oxygen easier, producing this way a cleaner, more effective combustion!

  •  More kilometers per liter

  •  Increases engine power

  •  Maintenance-free

  •  Thus becoming a great friend of the environment.

 To obtain MAXIMUM SAVINGS, we recommend that your vehicle be given proper maintenance: Tune-up, Carburetion, Fuel and air filters, Spark plugs and Injector cleaning.

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