Jim Beaney, MD
Injection Correction
"During a lifetime spent working on cars, I have seen very few products as exceptional as gasmagic. I have tried and tested gasmagic with excellent results"

Mark Tyler
Specialist Conversions Ltd
"We have been 100% happy with the gasmagic  you have supplied to us. Our customers are also impressed with the simplicity and value for money that gasmagic offers. Well done."

Sir Anthony Jolliffe
Former Lord Mayor of London and
President of the London Chamber of Commerce
... testifies that "gasmagic enabled me to convert a number of classic and high performance cars to run on unleaded - without any alterations or loss of performance. I am certain it's a solution that will save many motorists considerable heartache."

Gary Atkins
G&I Motor Services
"I have used gasmagic in many vehicles ranging from Minis to Porsches and Motorbikes and have found it to be very satisfactory and has not caused any problems."

Michael Carr
TAW Ford
"We are receiving a constant stream of enquiries from both car drivers and the trade who require advice, and luckily we found gasmagic as an alternative to costly engine modifications. We have exclusively recommended and installed in excess of 400 gasmagic in the last 6 months."

N. Sharp
"I am a very satisfied customer."

Martin Searle
Nice Bugs
"It can't be that simple! I fitted gasmagic to a car that pinked even on leaded ... it accelerated more smoothly ... I put in unleaded and it still would not pink no matter how hard I tried. Gasmagic is saving my customers several hundreds of pounds on engine conversions."

Douglas Redgrave
Suzuki main dealer
"Gasmagic does exactly what it says it will ... my son has fitted it to his Renault Clio, brilliant results ... local response has been considerable ... no need to mess around with additives at each fuel stop, brilliant."

Frank Webb
Driving Instructor, Grade 6
"I am very impressed with gasmagic. My Micra runs smoother and quieter with an overall fuel saving of around 10% and covering 25,000 miles a year this should prove a substantial saving."

Mike Page
Pages Garage
"We have found gasmagic a reliable and economical way of converting to unleaded fuel. Our 1950 Ford 10 van and Prefect both have it installed as does my Shogun Diesel ... only supply gasmagic to our customers ... a superb product at a very
sensible price."

Paul Edgington
Secretary - Triumph Dolomite Club
"I recommend that as a first line of defence against damage caused through withdrawal of petrol with an adequate lead content, all classic owners should use a gasmagic."

Steve Tarbutt
Secretary - Moss Owners Club
"The gasmagic has proved a great success with many of the Moss Owners Club cars and is certainly saving me money."


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